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Your Manufacturer of Choice

In the past 20 years, Macis has gained an international reputation as being the manufacturer of high-quality interface valves, sensors, actuators, control systems and monitoring systems to companies around the world, especially within the oil and gas and aerospace industries. We’ve made it our mission to deliver products and services that exude reliability and efficiency.

Oil & Gas

As a leading manufacturing expert within the Oil & Gas industry, Macis has become a brand name trusted by many. Discover what Macis can do for you!


Macis is an AS9100 certified company, which brings confidence in our brand within the aerospace industry, both locally and internationally.

Why Choose Us?


Macis offers one of the widest selections of premium quality valves, including interface valves and pilot valves, amongst many others. Browse through our selection or get in touch with our consultants for a customised solution.

Flood Control System

Designed with the utmost safety in mind, our flood control systems are automated and paired with GPS to ensure their efficacy on offshore platforms. Learn more about what Macis has to offer.

Wellhead Control System

The team at Macis is equipped to design, fabricate and install wellhead control systems for both offshore and onshore oil and gas fields, to our client’s satisfaction. Discover how our wellhead control systems can improve your business operations.

Hydraulic Driven Actuator

Our hydraulic-driven actuators are customised to the client’s specifications. Designed and manufactured to achieve practical and economical results, you can trust us to deliver the best the market has to offer.