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The oil and gas industry is an important component of the world’s economy. With the industry’s ever-changing dynamics and challenges, it is crucial for companies involved in this industry to keep up with the latest resources and trends.

At Macis, we understand the importance of assuring safety and quality for the oil and gas industry, which is why our team of experts have been playing a significant role in developing robust parts and products.


As one of the leading suppliers of elevated pressure components, Macis has developed a wide range of hydraulic control products that are designed to assure safety and ease in pipe connections through 20,000psi (1379 bar). Our products are used in many different applications, both onshore and offshore, and have been trusted by oil and gas companies around the world. 


By making Macis your trusted partner for all your oil and gas industry needs, you can be confident that we will aim to increase efficiency and reduce your operational cost, without compromising on the quality. Learn more about what Macis has to offer by getting in touch with our team today.

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