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As liquids are hard to compress, Macis’ Hydraulic Driven Actuators are used to exert force to allow for compression to happen, making it an essential tool in marine vessels and oil & gas industries.

Our actuators are both double acting and single acting with spring return, specifically designed and manufactured to meet our customer’s needs while achieving the best practical and economical solutions for usage purposes.

Single-acting actuators are used when fluid pressure is only applied to one side of the piston, whereas double-acting actuators are used when pressure is applied on both sides. Our rotary actuator provides control and repetitive motion for open/close valves and other machines and is specifically designed to withstand harsh environments without compromising the effectiveness of its performance. With a proven track record, our hydraulic driven actuators have been successfully implemented in other oil & gas and marine vessels, and our customers have shown support and satisfaction with our products.

At Macis, we pride ourselves as specialists who provide professional design, consultation, fabrication, installation and commissioning of actuators and integrated systems for marine and offshore industries. Having experience in making systems in this industry, we are committed to our customers and are confident in the systems that we are commissioned to do. Our products are manufactured with rigorous testing and quality assurance, and minimal periodic maintenance is required. With reliable assemblies that function at optimal levels, you can trust our products with ease. 


If you are looking for a reliable and effective hydraulic driven actuator that requires low maintenance, reach out to us and let the consultants at Macis assist you!

Custom Made Actuators With Different Specs
Tests of actuator drive valves in pressure Vessel
Installation for subsea applications

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