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At Macis, we are capable of engineering systems that power your needs, and we also adhere to stringent rules in place to derive the best results for our clients. With many years of experience designing, fabricating and starting up Wellhead Control Systems, we have successfully served clients from offshore and onshore oil & gas fields, creating more than 3800 wells to produce oil and gas on a global scale.

Our Wellhead Control System is designed to be reliable, user-friendly and prioritises the safety of its users.

Our control system features modular construction for each wellhead, allowing for further expandability. An authentic 316 high-quality stainless steel construction and specific materials can be arranged and included to cater to various service environments when requested by the client. Our compact design also allows for the Wellhead Control System to work under constrained site conditions, and withstand harsh environments, making it a versatile and ideal system to put in place. 

Our system features a PLC or RTU control interface, safety sensors, and emergency shut down units for a well-rounded and effective control system. We are proud to share that our systems generally require easy and fuss-free maintenance.


With Macis’ signature features in place, you can be assured that our Wellhead Control System has a high endurance level and is trouble-free to use. Talk to a specialist at Macis and learn more about how we can help you achieve seamless operations on the ground with our control system!

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