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Macis has established itself as one of the leading valve manufacturers in Singapore and across Asia. Our team of experts has been designing and manufacturing a wide range of valves, including pressure relief valves, pressure regulating valves, pilot valves, interface valves, control valves, and more, in various industries, especially aerospace and oil and gas industries.

While Macis offers a selection of ready-to-use valves, we also understand the need to customise solutions for our customers. Our mission is to ensure that the products we provide are appropriate for the relevant applications. We also aim to manufacture only the highest quality valves.


All our valves are individually tested stringently every step of the process and are approved by our quality assurance inspectors before all shipments. As such, you can be confident that you will be receiving robust valves to meet the demands of the extreme environments they are being used in.

We best advise our customers to provide us with detailed information about the application, which will allow us to prepare the best solution. It is recommended that we be provided with precise data relating to the fluids, working pressures and flow rates, operating duty and the working environment, including the ambient and working pressures and temperature that the valves will be installed in. With an in-depth understanding, we will recommend the appropriate solution to be seamlessly integrated into the system.


Do note that while our team will take every measure and precaution necessary to provide the valve needed for the application, the onus of the final approval lies with the end-user. The end-user is expected to have considered all the design factors and material compatibility, and if necessary, having proven suitability for use through specific test and inspection requirements.


Our team will always be ready to assist in any way possible, so do reach out to us and allow Macis to provide you with the robust, high-quality valves you need!

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