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At Macis, our flooding control systems are designed to be safe and reliable by controlling the ballasting of compartments in offshore platforms. It is an essential system for some business sectors, such as the oil & gas industry.

We provide professional services, including securing successful launching, upending, and positioning the system for multiple offshore platforms. These steps are done with extreme caution and precision to ensure that the system is built and placed to perfection. With our GPS technology, the flooding control system is efficient in positioning the offshore platform to the designated site safely and efficiently without a hitch, keeping the installation process fuss-free. Our designs are also made with various quality-checked valves and valve automation systems to control the flooding and venting of ballast compartments. We also provide deepwater pressure compensation upon request.

Our group of experienced and qualified engineers have garnered years of experience in creating and conceptualizing systems, and we provide extensive engineering support for each project. We not only spearhead the project management but also pay close attention to installing our flooding systems. Our expertise and experience in control systems have helped our customers to coordinate various aspects in the production procedures, ensuring smooth progress of the project.

At Macis, we take pride in all our products and services, so reach out to us if you would like to commission a high quality and robust flooding control system!

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