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Who Are We?

Precision . Durability . Quality
These are the very foundations that Macis has been built on since our inception in the year 2000. These very tenets have propelled Macis to be recognised as a leading manufacturer internationally as we have been providing the best solutions for a wide range of demanding industries, including oil and gas, aerospace, petrochemical and pharmaceutical.
Our years of experience in these industries have given us profound knowledge and understanding of our customers’ requirements, allowing us to deliver parts that allow for a seamless control flow that is safe and efficient. We are proud to say that our dedicated engineers have tirelessly worked to ensure the constant development of new products, while continuously upgrading our existing line of products, with utmost focus on ensuring innovation, quality, reliability and safety.

Why Choose Macis?

Because we stand strongly for safety.
With Macis products integrated into your projects, you can be confident that safety is assured. There is nothing more important to us than delivering quality parts that promise safety in their applications. All our products are rigorously tested and are designed to withstand the most extreme and harshest conditions without compromising on their efficacy.
Macis is also an ISO and API certified company, including international accreditations, that stands as a testament to the standard of our company and the products we manufacture.

Our Specialisations

At Macis, we are committed to delivering a wide selection of parts that are specially designed for various applications. Our in-house team of designers and engineers are also able to adapt and customise solutions accordingly based on individual customer requirements.
Macis is well-known for its range of valves, including hydraulic and pneumatic valves. We also take pride in producing top of the line high pressure valves, such as the interface valves which operate up to 25kpsi, indicating valves up to 10kpsi, check valves up to 20kpsi, quick exhaust valve up to 10kpsi, relief valves up to 40kpsi and universal operations on our pilot valve selection.
These valves are in addition to our sought-after regulators, which can operate up to 20kpsi, high/low pressure sensors of up to 20kpsi, as well as control and automation systems, pneumatic actuators and complex manifold assemblies, which offers an economical solution to specialised tasks.


To confront industry challenges with high-quality products and services that are economically positioned.


To be the leading manufacturing company revolutionising the industry through innovative solutions.

Our Certifications

Macis adheres strictly to the highest industry standards and has been awarded the prestigious ISO 9001/2015/AS9100D & API Specification Q1 certifications.
ISO Management System Certifications
Accreditation is awarded to companies that meet international compliance standards after a rigid assessment by the authorising body.
API Specification Certification
Assessments conducted by American Petroleum Institute to provide accreditation to companies that meet the international standards developed by API for the petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries.
bizSAFE Star Certification
Nationally recognized certification awarded by the Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Council.

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