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MV794HF6K-100-1/4R-P, Regulators

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Control Application
2-Position, Normally Open Self – Relieving
To precisely reduce a high upstream pressure and provide stable pressure for application


Working Media
Port Connection Size
Input: 1/4″ – 18NPT F
Output: 1/4″ – 18NPT F
Return:1/8″-27NPT F
Working Pressure Range
Max Inlet Pressure: Services up to 10,000psi
(689.4bar) , Optimum 6,000PSI (413.7 bar)
Output Pressure Range: 0~100 PSI (0~6.9 bar)
Temperature Range
– 30°C to 120°C
Other Temperature Ranges available. Consult Factory
Material (Valve Body)
SUS316 Stainless Steel
Panel Hole Size
Ø40.5mm(1 19/32”)
Net Weight
1.52 kg
Seal Material
Nitrile Rubber(NBR)
Other Material are available, Consult Factory
Flow Rate
Cv = 0.2
Adjusting Wheel Material
Other Material are available, Consult Factory
Orifice Size (Standard)
Ø2.8mm( 7/64)

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